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High-Quality Apple Management & Security Made Surprisingly Accessible Start Now

The best solutions, integrated to make Apple devices Work & School Ready.

Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management icon Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management

Offering far more than the standard capabilities of Apple MDM solutions for Apple devices, Mosyle Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management is enhanced with innovative features to remotely perform and automate any task needed to manage and secure Apple devices at work and school.

Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management

Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security icon Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security

Mosyle tools cover all the Apple security needs of organizations of any size. This includes fully automated Hardening & Compliance with ready-to-use templates, Next Generation Mac Antivirus, the only AI‑Based Automated Zero Trust for Mac, and powerful Privilege Management with Admin On‑Demand.

Next Generation Apple Endpoint Security

Apple-specific Online Privacy & Security iconApple‑specific Online Privacy & Security

Mosyle’s Apple-specific Online Privacy & Security is the first and only solution purpose‑built for Apple devices used at work and school that leverages native encrypted DNS capabilities of iOS and macOS to offer always‑on web security, privacy and filtering.

Apple-specific Online Privacy & Security

macOS Identify Management & SSO icon macOS Identify Management & SSO

Starting with a fully automated local account creation using the official Organization’s IdP, to the perfect combination of using the single work credential also on every Mac login, or even adding a powerful extra level of security with device 2FA, Mosyle Auth 2 will solve all identity aspects of Macs used at work and school.

macOS Identify Management & SSO

Best‑in‑Market Apps & Patch ManagementBest‑in‑Market Apps & Patch Management

Mosyle offers the most complete set of features designed to empower customers to handle any need related to OS Updates, and installation and patching of virtually any compatible application.

Best‑in‑Market Apps & Patch Management

You deserve a product made for you.

Schools & Districts

Schools & Districts icon Schools & Districts

Our roots are in K‑12 and we share a strong passion in empowering schools and teachers to use Apple devices to make the learning process more fun, engaging and efficient for students around the world.
With this in mind, in 2016 we built the first K‑12 specific Apple MDM, changing the market forever.
Since then, we became the leader of Apple Management & Security for K-12, with more than 25,000 schools leveraging our solutions daily to manage millions of Apple devices used by teachers and students.

Businesses & Organizations

Businesses & Organizations icon Businesses & Organizations

In only 5 years since we introduced our first Business oriented product, more than 24,000 small, medium and large business trusted us to make their Apple devices work‑ready.
With the creation of the Apple Unified Platform approach and the introduction of Mosyle Fuse, we revolutionized the Apple IT market and create a level of automation and integration between deployment, management and security that can’t be matched by any other provider or combination of standalone tools.

 Managed Service Providers

 Managed Service Providers icon Managed Service Providers

After helping more than 500 Apple Managed Service Providers to empower their customers to leverage all the potential of Apple devices as a tool to grow their organizations, we innovated again and built the first Apple Management & Security tool specially designed for Managed Service Providers.
Mosyle Fuse MSP not only brings the concept of “single pane of glass” to a new level, but also offers unique commercial tools and incentives designed to booster the business growth of our MSP partners that can’t be matched by any other provider.

We haven’t only revolutionized the product landscape.
We also brought costs to a totally new [low] level.

By adopting a very disciplined business strategy based on Modern & Integrated Software Development, “no middleman” commercial strategy, “no-sales” approach, and an obsessive focus on core customer needs, we not only achieve unprecedented growth, but also built an extremely healthy business, all of that while allowing our customers to pay for our higher-quality products only at a fraction of what they would pay to direct competitors.

This unique “win-win” scenario not only allow us to offer the most valuable offers on the market, but also empower us to keep doing it for the long-term and with that, redefine what the price for top-tier Apple Management & Security solutions should be.

Schools & Districts icon Schools & Districts

As low as
USD $ 0.46
per device per month.
Several Apple devices grouped together.

Including Personalized Onboarding & Fast Ongoing Support

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Businesses & Organizations icon Businesses & Organizations

As low as
USD $ 1.00
per device per month.
Several Apple devices grouped together

Including Personalized Onboarding & Fast Ongoing Support

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Hold Fast Logo Petunia_55
We have around 45,000 Macs where I work and we have recently transitioned from JAMF to Mosyle, and Mosyle has been nothing but an upgrade, you can do everything you listed and more, and as another user said it looks like its free for 30 or less devices.
Spontaneous Reddit post on March 2024
Hold Fast Logo accidental‑poet
JAMF is not the Rolls Royce anymore...
It was an easy decision to go with Mosyle. They have all the capabilities that the others have, are much cheaper than JAMF ($3/Mac/mo vs $14/Mac/mo), and are introducing new features at a rapid pace.
Spontaneous Reddit post on March 2024
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We’re proudly different!

We’re proudly Different

If we had to describe Mosyle using a single word that we would be confident our customers, team members and shareholders would agree, this word is DIFFERENT. So we decided to put this page together and share more about what makes us unique with friends like you.

We've attracted the top B2B software investors, but we never needed any money.

Mosyle has shattered the mold of Apple Device Management & Security. While others relied on massive venture capital, we bootstrapped our way to the top, achieving record profitability and free cashflow in the industry. We didn't just earn investor trust – we surpassed it.

But why raise $215 million if we didn't need it? Simple. We're playing the long game. This investment wasn't about survival; it was about evolution.

With the money, we facilitated exits for shareholders focused on short-term returns, welcoming and keeping only partners who share our unwavering commitment to long-term customer success. Because of our unique financial health and the long term alignment of our shareholders, we control our own destiny, and are empowered to make decisions solely based on what's best for our customers, year after year.

This laser focus on customer success isn't just a tagline; it's our DNA. It's why we offer more value than anyone in Apple Device Management & Security, delivering unmatched features and support at an unbeatable price. It's why every decision we make, from product roadmap to pricing strategy, prioritizes long-term needs of our customers.

Mosyle isn't going anywhere. We're here to stay, driven by a singular purpose: to be the best, most trusted Apple Device Management & Security partner you'll ever find. Join us on this journey and experience the Mosyle difference.

For us customer logos are not hunting trophies.

Over 47,000 organizations leverage Mosyle to manage and protect millions of Apple devices. Among those organizations there are several large companies, global brands, government entities, very large school districts but also local businesses, new startups, and inspiring non-profit organizations.

While competitors brag about their customers (misrepresenting in several opportunities) and expose them for the selfish goal of auto-promotion, we’re again DIFFERENT. Our values and culture don't allow us to see customer logos as hunting trophies that should be hung on the wall but as organizations that made the important decision of trusting their most important work for us to manage and protect, expecting from us nothing less than an unwavering commitment to delivering on their expectations.

So if you are looking for a list of impactful logos on our website, you won’t find it and that’s intentional. While we understand that it may be beneficial for a new potential customer to see known brands on our website as part of building initial trust, we also believe that you would not want your logo hanging on our website one year from now.

Focus on long-term customer relations over short-term revenue growth.

Standing apart in a landscape of short-term gains, we at Mosyle focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. Unlike others driven by quarterly pressures or fleeting funding rounds, we invest in establishing trust, loyalty, and reciprocity.

This commitment allows us to continuously improve product quality and reach, releasing new modules and features regularly, and making them available to our customers at no additional cost. This continuous development ensures our products become progressively more valuable over time, resulting in decreasing cost per user for our customers. In contrast, our competitors often charge for each new feature, inflating customer costs and ultimately hurting value.

It also drives us to work hard to maintain consistent pricing. We understand the frustration of constant price hikes. While we cannot guarantee future price stability, we are proud to say we have never raised prices and strive to avoid doing so in the future. This stands in stark contrast to competitors who frequently increase their costs, leaving customers frustrated and searching for alternatives.

By prioritizing long-term customer relationships over short-term gains, we believe we are building a stronger, more sustainable future for both our company and our valued customers.