Mosyle Introduces New Single Sign-On and Authentication Solutions for Apple Devices

Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth to enhance provisioning and identity management for streamlined mobile device management

Jan 28, 2019, 08:00 ET

ORLANDO, Fla., May 1, 2019 -- Mosyle, a fast-growing Apple mobile device management (MDM) software company, unveiled its most powerful identity management solutions to date, Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth. Available now in public beta, these new services enable enterprises and K-12 institutions to utilize Mosyle’s trusted platform in providing a more simple, sophisticated and full-featured end-user experience.

About Single Sign-On

Apple devices are increasingly popular in workplaces and schools, requiring IT teams to manage a growing number of computers, smartphones and tablets as more work is conducted on Apple’s macOS and iOS than ever before. Mosyle’s Single Sign-On offers unique features and authentication abilities to leverage Apple's Device Enrollment Program workflow, enabling enterprise and K-12 IT teams to quickly and easily provide access to the tools, apps, software and configurations users need through Mosyle's Self-Service app (both macOS and iOS) and Login Screen Window on Mac computers.

About Mosyle Auth

Mosyle Auth grants organizations the ability to set up user accounts for Mac computers with all of the most popular cloud identity providers, including Google (G-Suite), Microsoft (Azure AD, Office365), Apple (School Manager) and more. The simple, streamlined experience provided by Mosyle Auth for Mac Login Window lets end-users take a Mac laptop from the box and log in with a cloud or active directory account from the very first device start-up.

"Customers trust Mosyle’s MDM platform to streamline their user experiences and drastically boost productivity through our unique provisioning and identity management solutions," said Alcyr Araujo, CEO of Mosyle. "By leveraging our Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth, companies and schools can give their users an effortless SSO experience while maintaining the highest levels of security for the organization."

Mosyle’s Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth are available now in free public beta for everyone with a Mosyle account, including both current and new customers. Mosyle Auth will be available as a standalone add-on after the beta period, with pricing to be announced.

Visit Mosyle’s website to learn more about its Single Sign-On and Mosyle Auth solutions for enterprises and K-12 institutions. Connect with Mosyle on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Mosyle

Mosyle provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions to support technology teams managing Apple devices, simplify technology adoption and redesign workflows to provide a brand-new experience when managing iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV devices. Our mission is to build the most delightful and intuitive experience when managing Apple devices in educational and enterprise environments.


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