Mosyle introduces key product updates following macOS Catalina release

Updates include enhanced security capabilities and Enrollment Customization

Oct 07, 2019, 13:30 EST

ORLANDO, Fla., October 7, 2019 -- Mosyle, a fast-growing Apple mobile device management (MDM) software company, has unveiled key product updates, including Enrollment Customization, Mac Security, User Enrollment, and a variety of MDM updates. The updates follow the release of Apple’s macOS Catalina. With these new capabilities, Mosyle customers can harness all the benefits of the new operating system.

Apple devices are the best option for business and educational institutions due to their superior security. By upgrading iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV devices to the new OS versions, IT and System Administrators who use Mosyle Manager and Mosyle Business will benefit from even greater security as well as improved management and identity processes.

Updates for iOS 13 and iPadOS, tvOS 13 and macOS Catalina

The recent updates to Mosyle as a result of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina prove to be major changes to the Apple device management solution, including:

  • Enrollment Customization: when using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and Mosyle solutions, IT and System Administrators can now customize the Setup Assistant with custom branding, end-user agreement text, and modern authentication during enrollment.
  • Mac Security: to enhance security measures, Mosyle included Apple’s new Bootstrap token for macOS Catalina, which makes it easier for users to log in to the computer for the first time. This feature eliminates an additional step when creating a Mobile Account on a Mac computer with an encrypted volume. Another new macOS Catalina capability is Activation Lock, which helps users locate a misplaced or stolen Mac.
  • User Enrollment: Along with iOS 13 and iPadOS, Mosyle solutions support the new lightweight form of management called User Enrollment, designed for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to protect user privacy while still giving IT the tools they need to keep corporate data safe.
  • MDM Updates: Mosyle also supports all the new restrictions, commands and configuration profile options that are available with iOS 13, including support for WPA3 in the WiFi management profile. That will allow users to specify which services are enabled for an Exchange account and whether Wi-Fi is on or off.

Alongside the new Apple release, Mosyle has updated its MDM solutions to provide a more intuitive user experience through a Basic Setup area, which centralizes new Enrollment screens. This means IT admins can now easily set up devices using the necessary functions, such as Device Enrollment options, Automated Device Enrollment and User Enrollment, by accessing a dedicated Enrollment area within the platform.

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Mosyle provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions to support IT and System Administrators managing Apple devices, simplify technology adoption and redesign workflows, delivering a brand new experience when managing iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV devices. Today, Mosyle helps more than 12,000 organizations succeed with Apple.

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