Mosyle announces over 2,000 enterprise clients in 2019

Mobile device management startup boasts 15,000 customers

Jan 09, 2020, 09:50 EST

ORLANDO, FL., January 9th, 2020 - Mosyle, a fast-growing Apple mobile device management (MDM) software company, has announced that it acquired over 2,000 enterprise clients in 2019 following the successful rollout of Mosyle Business during Q1. The company expects continuous strong growth in 2020, and plans to increase its offers of Apple-only endpoint solutions to support the aggressive growth in the adoption of Apple devices among companies.

Enterprise offering allows Mosyle to serve business customers

The introduction of Mosyle Business came after Mosyle’s debut in April 2016, with its first Apple-only MDM named Mosyle Manager. In less than 4 years, they acquired more than 13,000 K-12 customers with a massive majority moving from more traditional Apple MDM providers. Rather than exploring the "one size fits all" approach, unanimous to other large MDM providers, Mosyle began innovating by bringing market specialization to its products.

The reasons and goals that companies and schools have for managing devices are extremely diverse. “We could never see compatibility between managing devices used by students and devices used by professionals without compromising the quality. We had to change it,” explains Mosyle CEO, Alcyr Araujo.

Another reason behind the accelerated customer adoption of Mosyle products is the recent shift in the MDM market from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, as it’s also happening in several other markets.

“Legacy MDM vendors are struggling to make the transition to a pure cloud model, by taking their legacy servers and plugging them in a cloud, reducing their quality and sky-rocketing their cost and therefore prices - customers are feeling it," said Mosyle CEO Alcyr Araujo. The opportunity to design a truly cloud-based MDM from the get-go, “allowed us to provide a high-quality and scalable solution at a price that is a fraction of what legacy vendors charge without compromising our profitability."

Today, Mosyle serves over 15,000 customers who leverage its solutions to manage their devices used by more than 2.6 million users, making Mosyle the second biggest Apple-only MDM provider in the market.

“The growth last year far exceeded expectations, and as the market learns more about this paradigm shift on Apple endpoint management, the number of customers looking for a more powerful, scalable, and affordable solution will continue to grow. We should see even more clients adopting our solutions to manage their Apple devices,'' said Araujo.

About Mosyle

Mosyle provides mobile device management (MDM) solutions to support IT and System Administrators managing Apple devices, simplifying technology adoption and redesigning workflows, delivering a brand new experience when managing iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV devices. Today, Mosyle helps more than 15,000 organizations succeed with Apple.

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