Technical Support Bilingual

Mosyle seeks constant innovation in the way that devices are used throughout the educational process, both inside and outside of the classroom. Being a part of this team means engaging daily with the greatest challenges of using technology in education, and the truth is that we love what to do! Everything is done in a fun, collaborative and passionate environment for technology, where new ideas are always welcomed and valued. Prioritizing work in large and medium-sized companies and focused on excellence and commitment.

Technical Support in the field of research and analysis for problems of support for teaching through multiple channels (e-mail, calls / tickets and contents to the Help Center), and to communicate and support the updates and developments of resources. In this way, it is constant interaction with our product team and our customers as they are eager to improve their technology experience through our products. They must first be understanding of the challenges of our customers. In addition, as our products are used worldwide, support in English is essential to standardize the experience and service of all our customers.

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