We are tightly knit team of dreamers, tinkerers and optimists.

We’re united by a passion for technology and a desire to innovate on the status quo. Our mission is simple: To employ teachers and parents to unleash mobile technology potential so that students can achieve their full potential.

We’re united by a passion for education and a desire to innovate on the status quo

Who we are?

Since our launch on 2012, the pace of innovation and change at Mosyle has been dramatic. Each day brings new opportunities and new challenges that we anxiously await our pursuit of a truly exceptional mobile-learning experience. And this is just the beginning of what we hope is a long, eventful and exciting journey – one that ends in creating a new way of teaching, learning and parenting with mobile technology.

Proven education track-record

Mosyle Corporation has a reputation backed by hundreds of thousands of students and teachers worldwide who use the Mosyle Mobile Learning Platform since 2012. It’s been fun leading the way on mobile device use in the classroom.

Since launching the first Mobile Education Platform until today, we’ve been delivering an exceptional mobile-centric learning experience for teachers and students. Now we offer all this power to parents and their children.